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Arrive and transfer to the hotel for overnight.



Full day city tour Karachi. 

Karachi - is the largest city & commercial capital of Pakistan. The city is vast in area, most of the International airlines fly here. There are many beautiful mosques, Mausoleums, Churches and Libraries here. Bazaars of this city are the most attractive. There is National Museum of Pakistan, which is the most prestigious museums in Pakistan, housing the artifacts from the old civilizations and the modern Pakistan movements’ relics.  

Lunch, dinner and overnight at hotel.



Karachi  - Mohenjodaro

Transfer to airport and fly to Mohenjodaro. 

Mohenjodaro - is an archeological site of 26th century BCE and 28 km from Larkana. Mohenjodaro was one of the largest cities of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, which developed around 3000 BCE. The ruins, composed entirely of identical red bricks, are all that remain of Mohenjodaro. It was one of the first to developed city- planning and underground drainage; it is probably here that cotton cloth was first woven. Every house was connected to an elaborate drainage and sewer system beneath the streets.  

Lunch, dinner and overnight at hotel.






Karachi - Sukkur

After breakfast drive to Sukkur, PM city tour.  

Sukkur is located at an altitude of 220 feet, from sea level and is situated on the west bank of Indus River. We will climb to the Minaret of Masum Shah Minara for a commanding view of the whole of Sukkur. Then will visit Dates Palm Forms, Dates Palms factories export to all over the world. See dolphin view in Indus River, enjoy fishing at Indus River. 

Lunch, dinner and overnight at hotel.



Sukkur – Uch Sharif – Derawar Fort

Morning drive to Uch Sharif and then to Derawar fort.  

Uch is located 75 km from Bahawalpur and is an important historical city, having been founded by Alexander the Great 325BC. Uch is famous for the tombs of its saints, the most exquisite ruins in Pakistan. The most pleasing is the blue and white tiled Tomb of Bibi Jawindi.  

Derawar Fort is a large square fortress near Bahawalpur. The fort towers over the surrounding desert and is visible for miles.  The fort was built by Hindu Rajput Royal Family and completely rebuilt by the Nawabs of Bahawalpur in 1733. Later Nawab Mubarak Khan took the stronghold back in 1804. The nearby marble mosque was modeled after that in the Red Fort of Delhi. There is also a royal necropolis of the Abbasi family, which still owns the stronghold.  

Lunch on the way.  Dinner & overnight in Camp.



Derawar Fort – Bahawalpur- Multan

Drive from Derawar fort to Bahawalpur and then Multan.  

Bahawalpur lies in the Cholistan region. It is situated 90 km from Multan, 420 km from Lahore and about 700 km from Islamabad. The city is known for its famous palaces such as the Noor Mahal, Sadiq Ghar Palace, and Darbar Mahal. Bahawalpur is famous for Cotton, Sugarcane, Wheat, Sunflower and Rice. Visit Fareed Gate, Museum.  

After lunch continue to Multan for dinner & overnight at hotel.



Multan – Taunsa Barrage Boating-Multan

After breakfast drive to Taunsa Barrage for boating and drive back to Multan.  

Return to hotel for dinner and overnight.



Full day Multan city tour and ceramic tiles factory in Multan.  Also visit Shah Rukne Alam tomb, Bahudin Zakria tomb, Shah Shams Tabrez tomb, and Hussein-a- Agahai Bazar.  

Return to hotel for dinner & overnight.



Multan – Harappa-Lahore

After breakfast drive to Harappa. 

Harappa is about 180Km and about 03 & half hour drive from Lahore. Visit the Harappa Museum & site. Harappa is Indus valley civilization site dating 3000BC.  

After site visit continue drive to Lahore.  

Upon arrival transfer to hotel for dinner and overnight.




Morning city tour Lahore including: Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens and the mausoleums of Jahangir, and Nur Jahan are popular tourist spots in the city. After lunch drive to Wagah Check Post to enjoy flag ceremonies.  

Wagah is 25 km from Lahore.  Indeed the flag-lowering ceremony at the end of each day and over the years become a tourist destination.  

Return to hotel for dinner & overnight.



Lahore – Rohtas - Islamabad

Morning drive to Islamabad via Rohtas Fort. 

Rohtas - It is one of the most imposing historical monuments, which represents the Pathan period of architecture style in Pakistan. The fort is the symbol of strength and determination of its builder Sher Shah Suri who ruled over India only for six years, 1540-45 A.D. Lunch on the way at local Restaurant. Upon arrival transfer to Hotel.  

PM brief city tour Faisal Mosque, Shakarparian and Rawal Lake.  

Return to hotel, early dinner & transfer to Airport for onward flight.




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