South Punjab & Gandhara Civilization Tour

 Bahudin Zakria Multan

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City / Station




Arrive and transfer to the hotel



Islamabad-Multan-Derawar Fort  -Bahawalpur

Transfer to airport; fly to Multan

From Multan, with pack lunch box drive to Derawar Fort. 

After sightseeing Derawar Fort, drive to Bahawalpur.  

Arrive and transfer to hotel for dinner and over night.




Drive to Multan, 95km and one & half hours drive. In Multan visit Shah Rukne Alam tomb, Bahudin Zakria tomb, Shah Shams Tabrez tomb, and Hussein-a- Agahai Bazar. After site visit continue drive to Harappa.  

Harappa is about 180KM and about 03 and half hour drive. Visit the Harappa Museum & site. Harappa is Indus valley civilization site dating 3000BC.  

After site visit continue drive to Lahore.  

Arrive Lahore and transfer to hotel for dinner and overnight.




Full day city tour of Lahore including Badshahi Mosque, Lahore fort (World Heritage Site), Lahore Museum, Shalamar Garden, constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1642. Visit Wagha border ceremony and also visit the Anarkali Bazar.   

Later transfer to the hotel for Dinner & overnight.



Lahore Islamabad 

Drive to Islamabad via Rohtas Fort (World Heritage Site). It was constructed by Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri in 1545. Lunch at the local restaurant at Dina.  

After site visiting Rohtas Fort continue drive to Islamabad.  

Arrive and transfer to the hotel for overnight.



Khewra Excursion

Drive to Khewra Salt mine for full day excursion. Lunch will be served at local restaurant.  

After visit drive back to Islamabad & transfer to hotel for dinner & overnight



Islamabad Taxila Excursion & fly out

Drive to Taxila (World Heritage Site) for full day excursion.  

Taxila is an archeological Buddhist site dating from 03rd century B.C to 05th century AD.  It's about 01 hour drive & 32KM from Rawalpindi. Visit Taxila Museum and famous sites like Jaulian, Sirkap and Dharmarajika stupa.  

Later drive back to Rawalpindi. Spend some time in Raja Bazar to enjoy the local culture.  

After early dinner transfer to airport for onward flight to Narita.




Arrive back at Narita

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