Rohtas Fort

At morning we will drive from Rawalpindi / Islamabad on Grand Trunk Road to Rohtas Fort. It is about 103 Km away from Rawalpindi. It will take near about two hours. On the way, we will pass through Gujar Khan, Sohawa and small town of Dina

Rohtas Fort:  It is 8 km away from Dina. The fort is one of the most impressive historical monuments in Pakistan, which represents the Pathan period of architecture style in Pakistan. It is the  symbol of strengthen and determination of its builder Sher Shah Suri who ruled over India only for six years, 1540-45 A.D., but even during that short period he created many splendors including Rohtas Fort and the Great Grand Trunk Road, connecting Kabul with Calcutta. 

It served as a huge fortified base for military operations against Gakkhars by Sher Shah Suri and later used by Mughal Emperor Akbar. Within the huge terraced rampart walls with robust bastions and twelve gates, is located another fortress, places and ancillary buildings.

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