Taxila Museum

Taxila:  Taxila is one of the most important archaeological sites in Pakistan and the world. It is 35km from Islamabad and near about 1 hour drives. At Taxila we will visit: Museum, Sirkap (Capital City), Jaulian and Dharmarajika Stupa built by King Ashoka in 03rd century BC. 

Taxila was once the seat of Oriental culture. It was invaded by Alexander the Great and passed along to other rulers until finally reaching he hands of Ashoka the Great, who molded the city into a center of learning.  The creative Gandhara period followed shortly there after and Taxila remained the center of learning. Philosophy and Art, it came to a disastrous and pathetic and when sacked by the White Huns. Today,

Taxila is an archaeologist paradise, there is a well-maintained museum here and eight sites scattered around a very short radius. Amongst the best preserved are Sirkap (capital city), Julian (the University) and Mohra Moradu.

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